Dear Students and Families,

As you may already know, Oregon reported it’s first confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) yesterday. As the owner of Mount Tabor Music School, I want to be sure that I’m taking all of the recommended steps for our school to help prevent the spread of this disease. We all work closely together and work with folks from all over the city, so this weekend I reached out to all of our teachers and we agreed on the following protocol:

1. All students wash hands before each lesson. I’ve purchased single use hand towels and foaming antibacterial soap plus a sign that reminds people to wash thoroughly and for at least 20 seconds.

2. If a student is feeling unwell and/or showing any symptoms (runny nose, cough or fever), we ask that you stay home and do an online lesson with your teacher (Skype, FaceTime, or your teacher’s preferred video chat format).

3. Teachers will be disinfecting any shared items (piano, pencils, etc) between lessons and will be disinfecting door knobs and surfaces each day.

4. Teachers will be checking their temperature each day before coming to the school to ensure we’re healthy.

5. If teachers are showing symptoms but feeling well, they may reach out to students to set up online lessons.

If you feel like I’m missing anything here, please contact me. 

Thanks so much for your cooperation and support,
Sarah Collins

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