cropped-c665e0bc-8ebb-446a-bd4f-5d2e0ba3ec95.jpegThis is our logo. ❤️ It was hand-drawn by one of our 12-yr-old students. Yep, really. And it features the Mount Tabor gatehouse (with a musical wayfinder) and roses. We’re not sure it could represent our neighborhood any better… unless it included a Por Que No taco.

From the moment Espen (the 12-yr-old) showed us his creation, we began picturing it on stickers, t-shirts, tote bags, magnets… And now we’ve brought those ideas to life. You can purchase (and customize) them here:

We can’t wait to see you carrying an MTMS tote in to New Seasons!

Are there any products you’d like us to create that we haven’t yet?

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